Reversible vs. Irreversible decisions, speed, and the love for reading

May 31, 2024
Z Fellows

1: Jeff Bezos on reversible vs. irreversible decisions

Source: Invent and Wander

2: The importance of focus & speed

A few quotes on the importance of focus and speed:

“The only advantage that startups have over large companies is their speed of execution. Because they are extremely small and capable teams with clear goals, they can improve way more quickly. But that advantage gets lost when they get slowed down executing on countless small, minor things they could do, much like larger companies do.” — Adam Guild (Founder of

“When you combine extreme focus and great teams, magic happens.” — Sam Altman

“Focus isn’t guaranteed to make you succeed, but lack of focus is guaranteed to make you fail.” — Sam Altman

Source: How to Join A Startup

3: Naval Ravikant on reading

“The genuine love for reading itself, when cultivated, is a superpower. We live in the age of Alexandria, when every book and every piece of knowledge ever written down is a fingertip away. The means of learning are abundant—it’s the desire to learn that is scarce.

The reality is, I don’t actually read much compared to what people think. I probably read one to two hours a day. That puts me in the top .00001 percent. I think that alone accounts for any material success I’ve had in my life and any intelligence I might have. Real people don’t read an hour a day. Real people, I think, read a minute a day or less. Making it an actual habit is the most important thing.

It almost doesn’t matter what you read. Eventually, you will read enough things (and your interests will lead you there) that it will dramatically improve your life. Just like the best workout for you is one you’re excited enough to do every day, I would say for books, blogs, tweets, or whatever—anything with ideas and information and learning—the best ones to read are the ones you’re excited about reading all the time.”

Source: The Almanack of Naval Ravikant