1 week. $10,000.
Get fast-tracked into Silicon Valley.


Marc Randolph
Founder of Netflix
Keith Rabois
VC @ Founders Fund
Naval Ravikant
Founder of AngelList
Lucy Guo
Founder of Scale AI
Dylan Field
Founder of Figma
Sean Rad
Founder of Tinder
UPDATE: We are accepting applications now for both the Crypto cohort and a General Purpose cohort. Cohorts will run every other month.

Don't drop out! Don't quit your job!  Skip class or work for 1 week.

We are fast-tracking early technical tinkerers into tech greatness.  

If you’re building a project that you’re passionate about, or have an idea or two that you haven’t been able to sit down and build yet, you should consider applying.

This program gives you one week to work on your project alongside some of the most successful founders in their 20s (and older successful people as well). You can think of this like a virtual hacker house.  Instead of taking a one week vacation from school or your job, you will get to work on your own ideas surrounded by mentors.  You will get $10,000 to spend however you’d like as early funding.

What happens at the end of week? That’s up to you.  If you want, you can stop working, and no harm done.  If you want to keep going and we think your company is promising, we’ll probably be able to help you get more funding. 

Succeeding as a Z Fellow does not imply dropping out of school or quitting your job.

When in doubt, apply. We are all just winging it :).

• Josh Richards - Social Media Star w/30M+ Followers
• Samir Vasavada - Founder of Vise.com (HS graduate, Sequoia backed)
• Josh Browder - Founder of DoNotPay (Thiel Fellow)
Phoebe Yao - Founder of Pareto (Stanford dropout)
Lucy Guo - Founder of Scale (Started when she was 22. Recently valued at $3.5B)
Justin Mateen - Founder of Tinder (started his company when he was 26)
Sean Rad - Founder of Tinder (started his company when he was 26)
Stanley Tang- Founder of DoorDash (started his company when he was 20)
Dylan Field - Founder of Figma (Started when he was 20. Recently valued at $2B)
Jon Oringer - Founder of Shutterstock
Nick Rellas - Founder of Drizly
• Prasanna Sankar - Founder of Rippling
Naval Ravikant - Founder of AngelList
Keith Rabois - VC @ Founders Fund
Marc Randolph - Founder of Netflix

New mentors for Z Fellows Crypto include: Founders of billion+ dollar crypto companies like
Eco.com, Audius.co, Phantom, and Alchemy.com to awesome investors from Polychain, Electric Capital, A Capital, Standard Crypto, GC, Dragonfly Capital, and more.

*We are only accepting 10 people per cohort.

Example Schedule (daily 15 min stand-ups/riffs): 
• Day 1
: Welcome Intro + Speaker Series with Dylan Field
Day 2: 1-1 Office Hours and Speaker Series with Lucy Guo
Day 3: Speaker Series with Josh Richards and Sean Rad
Day 4: 1-1 Office Hours and Speaker Series with Keith Rabois
Day 5: Speaker Series with Samir Vasavada and Josh Browder
Day 6: 1-1 Office Hours and Speaker Series with Marc Randolph
Day 7: Closing Sessions

All sessions will be roughly 1 hour and in the afternoon or evenings.  The remaining time is for you to work :).

Example topics for speaker sessions: 
What should I focus on?
How/when should I launch?
What are best ways to growth hack? How do I get my first users or customers? 
Best ways to fundraise? 
How do I know if things are moving in the right direction?
Should I leave my job or dropout?
And more!

Who can apply?

Incoming, current, and recent undergraduate and graduate students... there's no age restriction though.

What’s the timeline?

Applications are being reviewed now.  We run multiple batches every year. Apply and you'll be considered for the next one.

If you've been rejected before, you can re-apply now. We encourage it :).

Do I need to drop out or quit my job?


Do I need a team to apply?

No. You can apply solo or with a team.  

Do you take equity in my company?

It's up to you. You can participate without money or we can give you a $10,000 investment at a $1B valuation cap.

You can tell your friends your company is worth $1B ;).

This $10,000 investment will convert into stock at your next priced round.

Do I need to have a company?

No. We can help you set up one.

Where do I have to be based?

Anywhere. This program is virtual.

More questions?

Send them to team@zfellows.com