Jan 5, 2024
Cory Levy

You've been raised in a world of rules and traditions. From the moment you could understand language, your parents, well-intentioned as they were, imprinted their views, expectations, and desires onto you. It's not always easy to figure out where their voice ends and yours begins. But sometimes defying your parents isn't rebellion—it's growth.

"Listen to your parents," society advises. And often, that advice is sound. Parents possess a treasure trove of experience and wisdom. Their advice can spare you pain. But there's a subtle line between respecting wisdom and pursuing your own goals in life. When decisions are made solely to appease or follow someone else’s path, you sacrifice the essence of who you could become.

There's a secret about the universe few talk about: it rewards authenticity. Every time you make a choice that aligns more with who you are and less with who you're expected to be, the universe seems to conspire in your favor. Not in a magical, fairy-tale way, but in a real, palpable manner. Opportunities arise, people gravitate toward you, and life feels less like a struggle and more like a dance.

Defying your parents doesn't mean doing so blindly or out of spite. It means seeking an understanding of yourself. It requires introspection, asking hard questions, and recognizing that the path of true discovery often meanders through uncomfortable terrains.

You might ask: what if I'm wrong? What if, in defiance, I make mistakes?

That's it. You will. And those mistakes, as gut-wrenching as they might feel, are yours. They shape you, teach you, and allow you to grow in ways that following someone else's script never will.

This fear of failure holds more people hostage than any parental expectation ever could. But remember this: every significant leap in innovation, art, and thought has been accompanied by risk. It’s not the absence of fear that defines these pioneers, but their decision to move forward in spite of it.

If you're on the precipice of a decision, ask yourself, "Am I pursuing this because it’s truly my desire or because it’s someone else’s?" Steve Jobs, in his Stanford commencement speech, advised, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

In defying normalcy, you’re not only defying your parents but also (in a profound way) honoring them. When you seek your own path, you pay homage to the lessons they've taught you, while asserting your right to write your own story. And in this balance you'll find not only who you are but also who you're meant to be.