Peter Thiel's management framework, networking, and landing pages

May 13, 2024
Z Fellows

1: Peter Thiel’s ‘One Person One Problem’ Framework

At PayPal, Peter Thiel would give everyone exactly ONE thing to prioritize at a time.

Naturally, everyone rebelled — bright people want to do multiple things and it’s almost insulting to be asked to do just one thing.

But Peter would say to his team: “I will not talk to you about anything else except for this one thing that I’ve assigned to you. I don’t want to hear about how great you’re doing in this other area. Just focus until you conquer this one problem.”

The reason the One Person One Problem Framework is essential is because most people will solve problems they understand how to solve. So they tend to solve B+ problems instead of A+ problems.

A+ problems are high-impact problems for your startup but they’re difficult, so you tend to procrastinate and work on B+ problems.

Source: How to Operate

2: Naval on Networking

“Don’t spend your time doing meetings unless you really, really have to. I really think networking is overrated. There’s all these articles about how you’ve got to network more, and it makes me want to vomit.”

Go do something great and your network will instantly emerge. If you build a great product or if you get a good customer base, I guarantee you will get funded.”

Source: Fireside Chat with Naval Ravikant

3: How to Write A Landing Page Title

1) Speak with conviction

• Don't say “We help” say “It's how”

• Don't say “alternative” say “replaces”

2) You’re not Vladimir Nabokov

Failed poets turned copywriters have a soft spot for fancy titles which say, quite literally, nothing. Avoid these at all costs:

3) You're on a speed date

The majority of people look at your site for 30 seconds and never return.

If you can't make your product interesting in six words sell the benefits instead:

Source: How to Write A Landing Page Title